Deconstructing the genius of Vladimir Horowitz – and finding a few surprises along the way.

Cover Feature

Nearly 25 years after his passing, Vladimir Horowitz is acknowledged as one of the greatest pianists the world has ever seen. His success came at a heavy price however, with the personality of this eccentric virtuoso striking a minor chord with many of those that he encountered.


Also Sprach Zarathustra

What makes Richard Strauss’s late-Romantic hymn to Nietzsche’s less than endearing Superman so darn attractive?

Exploding the Boundaries

What happens when a classical violinist, Zoë Black, and a jazz pianist, Joe Chindamo, decide to make beautiful music together?

The Movie Master

Imagination, wide-ranging knowledge and sheer adaptability has made John Williams the most successful film composer of all time.

Mozart’s Last Year

Unfolding the chronology and the remarkable music of the last 12 months of Mozart’s life before his shockingly early death at 35.

Composer of the Month

Ligeti was one of the most distinctive and original voices of Modernism: a composer of music that was complex, clever and challenging, yet surprisingly down-to-eath.

Musical Journey: Lyon

In the hometown of French composer Widor, travel correspondent Will Yeoman discovers one of the world’s finest organs – and an organist to play it.


Classical CD, DVD, book and live concert reviews, including Peter Phillips and the Tallis Scholars’ 40th Anniversary celebration of Taverner; Toby Spence and Sarah Connolly singing their hearts out in Mahler’s Das Lied von der Erde; António Meneses and Maria João Pires’ intimate and rewarding Wigmore Hall recital and Gergiev’s second Ring masterpiece, Das Rheingold.

The Limelight Classical Chart

Exclusive to Limelight, this chart ranks the top 20 best-selling classical CDs and DVDs according to monthly sales figures drawn from Australia’s leading classical specialist stores. Unlike other charts, Limelight’s specially assembled list admits only pure classical releases – it’s not diluted with crossover.

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