My April viewing got off to a lively start with the appearance on Netflix of a new, fourth season of the French series Call My Agent!, in my estimation one of the best of comedies to be found on international streaming TV.

Originally titled Dix pour cent(ten percent), the series is set in a bustling Paris-based talent agency representing some of the top actors in French film and TV. A perfect excuse, then, to fill weekly guest spots with French actors playing fictionalised versions of themselves, from those known mainly to the local TV audience right up to international stars like Juliette Binoche.

Camille Cottin in Call My Agent Camille Cottin in  Call My Agent!

Cécile de France gamely kicked things off nicely in the series’ very first episode in which one of the agents had to handle the difficult task of telling her Quentin Tarantino had rejected her for a role in his next movie on account of her age. Ouch. The overall strength of the writing and direction in that first season obviously met with approval from the...