The conundrum for the every-growing hordes of TV streaming viewers is not a lack of good or even great material. The problem is how to navigate the oversupply.

When Netflix and Stan were launched in Australia in 2015, they were relatively cheap – and alone. Now they have been joined by a number of paid competitors including Amazon Prime, Disney+ and Binge. That’s without mentioning the free SBS On Demand which, if you can stomach the too frequent and careless interruption of commercials, has more movies and series than a viewer can get through easily in a lifetime.

Bridgertonon Netflix

Yet while there’s never been so much material to watch on TV, trying to find something to watch can feel like panning for gold in a muddy river. Some titles – usually the more expensive ones, such as Netflix’s Regency romp Bridgerton– are given a huge shove by the network. You can’t notknow about them. Trying to find something else to watch when you’ve either rejected it (not your bag) or too quickly binged it (your bag it definitely is and you...