Anyone sceptical that the old barriers separating TV and cinema are dissolving should look closely at this year’s awards season, where a large number of the items hotly tipped for the Oscars are primarily available via television streaming. The way things are moving the Oscars may need to blend with the Emmys, and maybe sooner than we think.

It’s certainly harder to justify regular visits to the multiplex when new feature films and serials of quality crop up on the various streaming services, often created and acted by notable film talents, and all for a fraction of the cost of a cinema ticket – a trend intensified by COVID but likely to outlast it.

News of the World
News of the Worldon Netflix

Just one example from the past month is News of the World(Netflix), the new film from UK director Paul Greengrass ( The Bourne Ultimatum, Captain Phillipset al), whose title has nothing to do with a defunct Murdoch UK tabloid but is attached to a handsome and thoughtful western starring no less than Tom Hanks.