How did the commission to write the score for Watershedcome about?

Around May 2020, I received a call from [Adelaide Festival Joint Artistic Director] Neil Armfield informing me of the Festival’s plans for a new theatrical show to commemorate 50 years since the murder of Dr Duncan, and the political and social aftermath impacting on queer rights in South Australia and the nation. One of the first things he asked me was whether I had heard about the death of Dr Duncan by drowning in the River Torrens in 1972. Embarrassingly, even shamefully, I admitted that I hadn’t. It’s certainly my hope that Watershed: The Death of Dr Duncan will heighten awareness of not only the events surrounding Dr Duncan’smurder and its repercussions, but also our shameful history of “poofter bashing” in Australia.

Joseph Twist

Did you do much research or did you use the libretto by Alana Valentine and Christos Tsiolkas as your blueprint?

Naturally, after admitting my ignorance to Neil, I went about...