How would you describe your music?

My music is ever-changing, so perhaps not easily categorisable! I feel my approach is similar to how a painterwould draw upon a variety of pigments, canvas, brushes, tools and techniques – my music is a blend of classical, avant-garde, world, jazz, electronica, and sound art genres,set within a tonal aesthetic of classical and neo-classical languages, yet drawing upon approaches from improvisatory and jazz traditions, and further inspired by textures from experimental, world, and sound-art genres.

Belle Chen

What is your composing process?  

My composing process is very intuitive. Often, before I even sit at the piano to compose, I can already hear the piece in my head. I’m very much inspired by travel and people, and I often retain strong emotional memories of an environment and place. Composing for me very often starts from this seed; a strong vision of a world I want to create for the listeners, influenced by what I have observed or heard. Then organically...