As Artistic Director of Sydney Theatre Company, you have seen a large number of performances cancelled due to COVID. You must feel relieved that your production of Julius Caesarhas made it to the stage?

Absolutely! There were many times when I didn’t think it was going to happen, and I’m so delighted that we can proceed. Part of why I programmed Julius Caesar was to christen the in-­the-­round configuration in the new Wharf Theatre, so I’m thrilled audiences will get to experience this. But also, this play has a particular resonance with the times in which we are living, it’s speaking to a moment we are in right now and I’m so pleased audiences will be able to engage in it within that moment.

Kip Williams

Why do you think it is so timely?  

The play begins with a leader who is seeking to override the democratic process and be made leader for life. This premise alone is one of many elements...