Why have you chosen Common Ground as this year’s theme?

Last year the theme was Reconnect, not just reconnecting with each other, but with yourself and nature and the world out there, because we’d all had such a terrible year. I think everyone’s even more rattled, if possible, because there has been so little respite. I’m a bit of a radical optimist, and I want to look to the positive. I want to look to the things that we can do to connect with each other and be in the world happily and peacefully.

Lindy Hume

A lot of events relate to nature?

The opportunity for a festival like Four Winds is to respond to that beautiful site and the Yuin culture that it sits on. That too is a common ground. The site brings us all together for a lot of different experiences.

The program ranges from Baroque opera to silent film, cabaret and meditation. Was that important to you?

Four Winds has always...