You are giving a recital, presented by Pinchgut, at Sydney Opera House’s Bennelong. What will you sing?

Some really exquisite Henry Purcell songs for voice and continuo. I’ve had fun looking into all of this repertoire, as well of the works of his teachers including John Blow, his contemporaries, and those he had an influence on. I’ve looked for a storyline to thread these pieces together, and the recurring theme in his music is his style and flair for the dramatic. Of course, there are some Purcell favourites that were a ‘must-have’ for the program.

I’ve been really lucky to have performed lots of recitals of chamber music and solo programs, as well as collaborations with other artists. Recitals I find have the most scope for personal invention and storytelling. I love to thread together pieces from differing periods, figuring out how they relate, and then watchingthem click together. It’s so engaging for you as a performer and also for the listener. The possibilities for storytelling are endless.

Chloe Lankshear

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