How has the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, where you are Managing Director, weathered COVID so far?

Unlike many of our interstate colleagues, the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra has been really blessed in that we have pretty much presented our entire season, if not exactly as originally promoted. There have been many changes and challenges along the way. But we recognise that we are in a fortunate position, having had to only cancel two or three programs in 2021. It has been a test of our resilience, though. Think graceful duck, paddling furiously!

Vincent Ciccarello

Why did you decide to program the Festival of Orchestra?

The idea was actually Richard Frolich’s. He is Director of Tynte Flowers, a great friend and ASO corporate partner. He wondered how the ASO can generate the revenue it needs to survive during COVID. The first part of that was, “by doing concerts outdoors”. And it just grew from there. We were fortunate that our plans coincided with the Australian Government’s RISE Fund, created to support arts companies through COVID,...