Did you always have your heart set on a career in music?

In a way. My mother is a piano teacher and my four brothers all learned something or other – they played trumpet and guitar and clarinet and violin, but didn’t keep it up. I ended up being the only musician after my mother and it did seem like something inevitable. It had always been at the front of my mind that I wanted to be a musician.

Benjamin Grosvenor Pianist Benjamin Grosvenor. Photo © Sophie Wright/Decca

Do you remember at what age you started learning the piano with your mother?

I started when I was five and I think I didn’t have very much interest in it, even though I began reading music quite quickly. There’s a video of me sight-reading – well, not sight-reading but playing some Christmas carols badly at the age of five. After that I gave up and we started again at six.

How were you introduced to famous pianists in your youth?

My grandfather is really interested in music and wanted to be a pianist. He was and is...