What does Melbourne’s flagship company have in store when it welcomes Richard Mills as artistic director in 2013?

Richard Mills has been named Victorian Opera’s incoming artistic director, taking over from founding director Richard Gill for the season opening in September 2012.

Mills is one of the dynamic forces behind opera in this country. The distinguished composer’s own magnum opus The Love of the Nightingalewill have its Sydney premiere under Opera Australia later this year, and in 2013 he will conduct Melbourne’s first staging of the Ringcycle – a gargantuan effort for which he will be released temporarily from his contract with Victorian Opera.

Leaving West Australian Opera for the new post after 15 years with that company, he is looking forward to the opportunity to bring more contemporary opera to Melbourne, where he resides.

“I’ve been charged with increasing the international focus of the company, and extending the scale and ambition of the repertoire performed”, he said of the appointment.

“I’ve commissioned an enormous amount of music over the years and that will continue at Victorian Opera, but it will be much more targeted and focused, and an endeavour will be made to ensure the new work will be...