In the 1980s, Lyn Williams happened to hear the Tapiola Choir, a renowned, award-winning children’s choir from Finland. The beauty of the singing took her breath away, and the course of her life was altered.

Gondwana Choirs, Gondwana World Choral Festival Gondwana Indigenous Children’s Choir in Vienna in 2017. Photo © Nathan Kelly 

“I suddenly heard what an incredible instrument [children’s voices] could be and I was really inspired by that. The realisation that young people could reach that level of musicianship or artistry, or that it can be drawn out of them to create this amazing instrument – that’s what I was inspired by. And then later, I was quite lucky that [the choir’s founding Artistic Director Erkki Pohjola] became my mentor in a sense. I worked with him several times,” says Williams.

Her musical appetite whet, Williams became involved with 2MBS-FM, where she worked with its radio children’s choir. “And then someone came...