After 12 years as Artistic Director and Conductor of The Australian Voices, Gordon Hamilton is making the bold decision to step down and move to Germany.

His decision is almost entirely a by-product of the pandemic. Last year Hamilton was semi-stranded in Germany for nine months – partly because it was so hard to get home to Australia, and partly because it would be so hard to get back to Germany again – and in that time made new connections and networks, and gained a working visa, which has given him the confidence to relocate semi-permanently and see what happens.

Gordon Hamilton

“I never intended it to happen,” says Hamilton, “But being stuck there I gained a lot of work conducting and composing, and have at least temporarily lost all of my things in Australia. And so I now have to choose whether to accept work in Germany and travel over there again, and likely be stuck there for however many months – and it looks even more difficult this time around.”

Germany offers immense opportunity...