As a child, the choreographer sat under the keyboard while his mother played – he just wishes he’d learned to play piano.

My earliest musical memory is sitting under the keyboard while my mother played. Her keyboard abilities were pretty good and they peppered my entire childhood. She was a teacher at country schools mostly, and she produced school concerts in coronation halls with an amazing variety of music. She’d hit the classics, but she’d also play for country barn dances. It was a period when people came to each other’s houses and all ended up round a piano. It was such a part of my childhood, and my greatest regret is that I never formally learnt to play, even though I murder a show tune occasionally.

Graeme Murphy Choreographer Graeme Murphy

Growing up, I didn’t have the opportunity to go to concerts as mine was a country existence. But I do remember the arrival of the record player and buying vinyl. I was amazed and my taste was quite experimental. Ravel crept into my early favourites, and Debussy, but I was wildly eclectic. There was nothing I woudn’t give a...