We talk with the soprano about life, musical loves and the remarkable year she experienced in 2015.

Last year was a bit of a watershed for you. What are your best memories?

My two biggest would be recording My Herowith Richard Bonynge and touring with Zubin Mehta, without a doubt. I grew up really admiring those two blokes and had family members who listened to them and introduced them to me. I loved working one-on-one with them on repertoire that I have heard them present with some of the singers that I really admire. But also things like working with and getting to know the members of the Australian World Orchestra. I adored getting to know the players and watch how they see everything fitting together. I find that really fulfilling. It’s not just time in rehearsal; none of you are at home, so you’re all in it together. I really enjoy that.

Going right back to the beginning, where does your musicality come from?

Music has truly always been a massive part of my life. My mum tells me that I sang before I spoke. Having said that, I spoke when I was nine...