This month, why classical music can supercharge your sleep experience, and my playlist to Sleep Well.

First though, what science (we’ll call science “Simone”) tells us is a shocking recipe for sleep. Tonnes of caffeine and alcohol alongside a large, late meal followed by Words with Friends on a tablet, arguing with the friend about whether TFW’s a wordbefore passing out in bed with the heater on and with a neon street light shining through the window. Thanks Simone.

Greta Bradman, Applause, Classical Music Greta Bradman

Simone says imbibing caffeine even six hours before going to bed messes with sleep quality and quantity. We can forget the late-night real estate porn too: blue light is wondrousduring the day but bright light (especially blue) at night delays melatonin secretionand in turn, sleep. Simone also says “four” is the magic number with alcohol: avoid drinkies for four hours before bed; more than four drinks will leave you feeling like you’ve just flown to Parisbut without the Paris bit (read: jet lag). And with alcohol being both a sedative and a stimulant, wine may see you...