remember being on ABC radio on the morning of June 24, 2010 as Julia Gillard deposed Kevin Rudd, a sitting Prime Minister. I hardly listened to whatever music CDs I was sticking in the machine because I had the TV on in the studio, glued to the drama. Fast forward to August 24, 2018, and I eagerly sat down to watch Episode 3 in the Australian series that might be called ‘No, Prime Minister’.

Guy Noble 

The Liberal Party, learning not one single lesson from the years of Labor squabbling, tore itself apart in a frenzy of egos. The shark-like Peter Dutton went in for the first bite, and Malcolm Turnbull, wounded and seeing the blood in the water, managed to keep swimming long enough to allow Scott Morrison to make it to shore, dragging Josh Frydenberg behind him. The rest of the Coalition struggled out of the water on to the beach, coughing and spluttering, covered in seaweed and declared that they were now a unified and happy team.

Bollocks. We know that the repercussions of the leadership spill will resonate for months if not...