Everyone has an opinion on everything these days, and social media is making it all to easy to sound off.

I would like to begin this month’s Soapbox by praising two unsung heroes – Jill in Adelaide and, until quite recently, Warner in Sydney – who handle all the phone queries and complaints that come into ABC Classic FM. Most listeners are wonderful decent and sensitive human beings, but there are a small minority who are incredibly demanding.

One day filling in for Christopher Lawrence on Mornings, I had to change the order of the music because I had forgotten a disc in a CD player in another studio, and the absence of this disc threw the whole balance of the program. I came out of the studio to find Warner with his phone held as far from his ear as his arms would allow, as a terrible ranting issued from the receiver. This listener was so incensed that the order had changed from the published list on the website, he sounded close to self-immolation. His whole day had obviously been ruined beyond repair. Warner calmly talked him down from his ledge of anger. And this was only 9.10am.