Improvisational talent and a taste for experimentation coming to Hobart in June.

A solo cellist sits centre stage, weaving together strains of classical, jazz improvisation and experimental punk. This is the world of cellist and vocalist, Helen Gillet.

Combining classical technique with modern experimentalism, the New Orleans based musician creates a unique sound that is ultimately personal. “I am presenting who I am, and I have an inherent broad mix of genres in my background as a human. It wouldn’t feel like I am fully sharing myself to the audience if I left any of those genres out of my show.”

Armed with an electronic loop pedal and acoustic cello, Gillet creates an immersive experience that crosses traditional musical boundaries. She will bring her distinctive sound to Tasmania’s DARK MOFO festival in an Australian exclusive. Of her two performances, one will last for nearly seven hours. It will certainly embrace this year’s theme: darker, and weirder.

Gillet’s performance technique is unique in that she sings whilst she plays, creating an exquisite blend of tonal qualities. She begins by recording a solo cello melody to her loop pedal, which she then loops on repeat. To create harmony she records a second melody...