Limelight’s brains trust of early music practitioners share their secret pleasures from the bygone period.

Paul Dyer Artistic Director, Australian Brandenburg Orchestra

I programme a lot of Baroque treasures and love to shuffle the cards and pull something out of the pack to present in a modern and distinctly Australian way. A recent example is the Ciacconaà 7 in C by the 17th-century German priest Philip Jakob Rittler (c.1637-1690). I took his simple Baroque harmonic structure and, with our brilliant Brandenburg improvisers, gave it a distinct cinematic flavour – while paying full respect to Rittler’s brilliant creation. Our audiences loved it!

The Australian Brandenburg Orchestra performs a programme of Baroque concertos in Blazing Baroque, July 28-August 8


Edgar MoreauCellist

The Cello Concerto in C by Carlo Graziani (c.1710-1787) is a wonderful discovery that deserves a place in the canon. It’s a multifaceted work remarkable for the variety of its sonic...