“​ Three centuries ago, risking one’s life to climb a mountain would have been considered tantamount to lunacy. The notion barely existed, indeed, that wild landscape might hold any sort of appeal… Now they are numbered among the natural world’s most exquisite forms, and people are willing to die for love of them.”  – Mountains of the Mind, Robert Macfarlane

In 2012, Richard Tognetti – violin virtuoso and surfing enthusiast – combined two of his grand passions when he took a group of musicians and surfers to the rugged surf coast and tough desert landscape of northern Western Australia around Ningaloo Reef.

Together with photographer Jon Frank they created an adventurous multi-media performance piece called The Reef.It proved an inspired idea. Melding footage of surfing and the landscape with an eclectic score that ranged from Rameau, Beethoven and Ligeti to the American grunge band Alice in Chains, The Reefwas a huge success for the Australian Chamber Orchestra.

Richard Tognetti, Australian Chamber Orchestra The Australian Chamber Orchestra’s Artistic Director Richard Tognetti. Photo © Anthony Browell

Building on that achievement comes an ambitious new work called Mountain, which premieres in June....