My conversation with Amy Hollingsworth about her new role as Artistic Director of Expressions Dance Company (EDC) is anything but expected. We don’t talk about the daily machinations of a dance company, like costume budgets or casting choices. Instead, she has much bigger things on her agenda.

The Dinner Party, Expressions Dance Company The Dinner Party . Photo © Megan Cullen

“The way I see it, science, technology, engineering and mathematics are like the limbs of the human body. And society is the gym where all four are being exercised. We’re making great progress, but for me, the heart of humanity is the arts. And as an arts company, we need to take that social responsibility quite seriously,” says Hollingsworth.

It’s a powerful metaphor, and clearly one Hollingsworth believes in. Her language is bold, optimistic and punctuated with confidence. She understands where EDC sits in the broader arts landscape and strongly believes in using the company to drive social change. It’s a whole new vocabulary for the organisation and marks the beginning of its next chapter.

Founded in 1984 by Maggi Sietsma, the Brisbane-based company has established itself as a key voice in Australia’s contemporary dance...