British company offers to have your remains pressed into a vinyl LP.

Fancy going out with a bang? The Scarborough-based company And Vinyly (rhymes with finally) offers a uniquely morbid way to be remembered. For the modest fee of $5,000, the company will preserve you for posterity, pressing your ashes into 30 separate 33rpm vinyls.

Operating since 2009, the company was founded by John Leach – a 20-year veteran of the UK music scene as a producer, performer, and co-founder of a string of independent labels – who says that he began it “just for fun”.

The process is not complex. The customer’s cremated ashes are brought to a London pressing plant and scattered into the vinyl. Then the real fun begins. The list of optional extras includes a sleeve portrait by James Hague of the National Portrait Gallery or alternatively by street artist Paul Insect (from either a one hour pre-death sitting or a photo), the creation of a bespoke composition (courtesy of indie-band The House of Fix) or and the option of donating only specific body parts to the vinyl pressing. And if you’re intent on posthumous aural domination, according to their website the company also offers global...