You are in the process of recording all of Mozart’s operas. What was the special inspiration for putting out this fascinating double CD?

This project was part of a new and separate project – MOZART 250. The premise of MOZART 250 is that between 2015 and 2041 we are devoting part of each season to an exploration of the music being composed by Mozart and his contemporaries exactly 250 years previously. This enables us not only to explore Mozart’s life and works in chronological sequence but also to provide a historical context for them.

Ian Page, Mozart in London Ian Page

We began MOZART 250 in 2015 with a detailed examination of Mozart’s childhood visit to London in 1764-65, and the recordings featured on this 2-CD album are all taken live from a weekend of concerts that we presented at Milton Court in London.

How old was Mozart when he travelled to London and was it a successful trip?

He was just eight when he arrived in London, and he stayed for 15 months. There is a school of thought that the trip was not a success, based on the fact that at the beginning of...