During the long lockdown in Melbourne, a new creative collective called The Twelve was formed. The 12 members – Liza McLean (producer/director), Harry Prouse (associate producer), Alana Valentine (writer/lyricist), Amber McMahon (actor), Christie Whelan Browne (actor), Gillian Cosgriff (actor/composer), Harrison Rose (actor/writer), Mike McLeish (actor/writer), Sarah Giles (director/dramaturg), Jeff van de Zandt (creative) and Ash Mckenzie (creative) – met by Zoom each week to discuss various creative collaborations.

Their debut project is a non-fiction theatrical podcast called In All Honesty. The first series, which is now available, is called Meg. In it, Bert LaBonté shares the heartbreaking story of the still birth of his daughter Meg and the impact that it had on him and his family. It’s a very moving story with a little bit of unexpected magic in it. Told across eight episodes, the podcast is accompanied by original music by Gillian Cosgriff.

Further series are currently in development by The Twelve and will delve into issues such as racial discrimination, depression, sexuality/identity and terminal illness. Each series will focus on real stories, candidly told by real people. Gillian Cosgriffspoke to Limelightabout The Twelve and the first series of In All Honesty.