The Apollo Opera Collective is an exciting new company that sees young artists come together to put on baroque operas, working collaboratively across all aspects of production. Headed by Artistic Director Keiren Brandt-Sawdy, Assistant Conductor of Pinchgut Opera, its goal is to provide a platform for young artists to gain invaluable performance experience and to develop their professional careers. AOC’s inaugural production will be Handel’s  Ariodante, opening February 9.  Limelightspoke to tenor Spencer Darby, who is playing Lurcanio, about the origins of AOC and what it’s like to work on its very first project.

Apollo Opera Collective

Where did the idea for Apollo Opera Collective come from?

This company was the brainchild of Keiren Brandt-Sawdy, the musical director. He is experienced well beyond his years in early music and saw a chance to stand at the helm of something that really mattered to him. The company name is of course in reference to Apollo, Greek God of music (amongst other Godly portfolios).

Do you see a dearth of programmes for young artists to gain performance experience? 

The climate for young musicians in Australia is more challenging than ever. It gets tiresome to be banging the old “there’s...