Israel Galván is a rock star of flamenco: “a dance-marvel” and “a genius in a category of his own” as various critics have called him. Born into a great Andalusian flamenco family, it’s in his sinews, but he’s no traditionalist as the title of his show FLA.CO.MENattests.

Described as “a concerto for dancer and six musicians”, FLA.CO.MENdeconstructs the centuries-old artform, both celebrating and poking fun at its machismo and traditions. “A natural chameleon on stage, [Galván] is able to shift exquisite gear from toreador machismo to an elegant ironic jokiness or moments of delicate, inward grace,” said The Guardianin its review of the 2017 London season of the show.

Israel Galvan, FLA.CO.MEN, Adelaide Festival Israel Galván. Photo © Luis Castilla Fotografia

“There is a division of opinions about my work: some say that my work is not flamenco and others say that it is,” Galván tells Limelight. “My style is flamenco, but I don’t put any effort in defining or defending myself. I dance with freedom, and never stop to think: is it flamenco? Because it is, it’s something that’s in my DNA. That’s my answer to all the people that...