The Canberra Choral Society’s AD gets a handle on music, coffee and more coffee!

1. Three pieces of music you love:
A boy was born, Britten
St Matthew Passion, JS Bach
Stayin’ Alive, Bee gees

2. Three favourite Handel oratorios:

3. Which non-opera singer would you least like to see sing opera?
Any one of the self obsessed ‘brandME’ singers with an ego bigger than the opera house.

4. Three neglected operas:
Hercules, Handel.
How to kill your husband, Alan John. Like many Australian works, it received a premiere season to great acclaim and then nothing.
Boojum, Martin Wesley-Smith. Another Australian gem that deserves more outings/interpretations.

5. Three underrated baroque composers:
George Frideric Handel. How many of Handel’s 40+ operas or 22 oratorios are performed in Australia or overseas?
Heinrich Schütz – sadly overshadowed by another German born exactly 100 years later.
Female composers.

6. Three pieces of music you could happily never hear again:
Three movements of the SpringConcerto from Vivaldi’s Four...