The strange bedfellows let their imaginations run wild – you have been warned…

1. Three pieces of music that turn you on:

1. The Ballad of Sweeney Todd. Sounds dodgy, and perhaps a touch psychopathic, but there it is.
2. The Spaceship scene from Einstein on the Beach, aural LSD!
. Any song that makes both of our ears prick up simultaneously and say, “The Bedfellows HAVE to sing that!!!”

2. Three recordings everyone should own:

1. Grease 2 – oh, come ON; its a classic!
2. Barbara’s Classical Album
3. Strange Bedfellows: Under the Covers – Live at the Vanguard on DVD, available mid-June. In fact, this should probably be number one.
4. Can we add Michael Bolton’s Classical Album? If you haven’t heard it, do yourself a favour – Pourquoi me reveilleris a revelation!

3. Three musical heroes:

1. Elizabeth Connell. She was a vocal force of nature, a supreme actress and a totally mad sweetheart off-stage!
2. Jacques Brel, who can capture the human spirit in three notes and toss you sweating and shattered out the other...