1. Three pieces of music you couldn’t live without?

To only be able to name three pieces of music feels like torture, so I won’t even try. I don’t think anyone can live without music.


2. Why the cello?

It’s in our nature to relate to the cello, it has a very human voice. But I guess I was given the cello at six years of age with the hope of forming a family piano trio with my brother and sister.

3. Who are your musical heroes?

The music teachers and educators I had (free) access to when growing up in Finland.

4. Best thing about playing Brahms’ Double Concerto?

There is something about the dialogue of the two soloists that I find intriguing.

5. Worst thing about playing Brahms’ Double Concerto?

The worst thing would be if the two soloists weren’t able to communicate effectively.

6. Most overrated composer?

I can’t compose myself, so I don’t feel comfortable expressing that sort of judgement (at least publicly).

7. Three pieces of music you’d happily never hear again?

Same answer as question No 1 – but I’d happily live without elevator music, or music specifically composed to be elevator music.

8. All-time favourite food?

Andrew McConnell’s...