What would an electric guitar concerto by Richard Wagner sound like? Guitarist Zane Banks would love to find out.

1. Top five pieces of non-classical music?
The Stanley Brothers’ Lonesome Night
Robert Johnson’s Cross Roads Blues
Eddie Arnold’s Cattle Call
Miles Davis’  Flamenco Sketches
The Beatles’ Ticket to Ride

2. Electric guitar or classical guitar?
At the moment it’s electric guitar, but only because that’s what I’m booked to play at the majority of festivals, gigs and recording sessions, but truthfully I love them both.

3. Top five favourite films?
The Great Beauty ­–Paolo Sorrentino (2013)
Gone with the Wind –Victor Flemming (1939)
The Blues Brothers –John Landis (1980)
This is Spinal Tap –Rob Reiner (1985)
Pan’s Labyrinth –Guillermo del Torro (2006)

4. Top three pieces of classical music?
JS BachChaconne in D Minor from Violin Partita No 2, BWV 1004
MahlerSymphony No 8
Josquin Des Prez Qui Habitat

5. Five historical musicians you would invite to brunch?
JS Bach
George Gershwin
Robert Johnson
Charlie “Byrd” Parker

6. Favourite food or drink before a concert?
It’s a little on the Spartan side but the ideal meal would be a salad with some protein like chicken or tuna, and...