How important an influence was Piazzolla and Tango Nuevo on your ideas for the festival?


Of course both played an important role. There has been very little of this style of music performed at Four Winds and it’s music that really does deserve to be heard live, especially in the purest form which is the Tango Nuevo quintet instrumentation created by Piazzolla.


What will guest ensembles Rasa Duende and Bandaluzia bring to the festival?

Both those ensembles bring their own original music and instrumentations which have been heavily influenced by various elements of Flamenco styles. String instruments, percussion and dance are well known ingredients of this folkloristic tradition. Rasa Duende add a truly delicious blend of cultures with the added spices of traditional Indian music.

What advantages are there in having guest musicians from such diverse musical backgrounds?

The energy and chemistry that can be created by spontaneous music making, especially in the inspirational, breathtakingly beautiful and magic site of Four Winds.

What are you looking forward to most as a performer at the festival?

I’d say definitely the opportunity to collaborate with a wonderful group of musicians, being able to meet up at Four Winds and of course having such...