Celebrated Australian pianist Jayson Gillham is poised to embark on an Australian tour, with solo concerts on the east coast and a concerto performance in Adelaide. Based in London for several years now, this is the sort of trip he used to make a couple of times every year – but of course that all changed with the pandemic. Gillham spoke with Deputy Editor Hugh Robertson about his deep connection to Chopin, his love of Bach, and how things have changed in his professional life over the past couple of years.

Jayson Gillham. Photo © Benjamin Ealovega.

On this solo tour you are playing works by Bach and Chopin. Some of these Bach pieces have been core parts of your repertoire for many years, going back to your 2018 album Romantic Bach . Do you find your relationship with them, and the way you perform them, changing as time goes by?

Absolutely. One of the fascinating things for me as a performer is how the pieces are changed by what other pieces they are in relation to and where they appear in the program. The mood/affect...