Musicians are set to benefit from enhancements to Jetstar’s carry-on baggage policy that will allow customers to take a wider range of musical instruments onboard. The change follows a review of the airline’s customer experience conducted by Head of Customer Strategy Cath Stone. “Having listened to our customers, we understand how important it is for musicians to be able to carry their instruments in the cabin and we’ve altered our policy,” she said.

Under the new policy, instruments smaller than 85cm (height) x 36cm (width) x 23cm (depth), which weigh less than 10kg, may be included as a customer’s carry-on item. This will enable musicians to stow instruments such as trumpets, violins and clarinets in the overhead lockers instead of in the cargo-hold. The size limit remains 56cm (h) x 36cm (w) x 23cm (d) for all other cabin bags.

For musical instruments larger than the prescribed dimensions, customers will still need to buy an extra seat to carry their instrument in the cabin or, if too large to fit in a seat, book it in as checked baggage. The musical instrument policy has been in effect since 9 October 2013.

Music Victoria CEO Patrick Donovan said it was great news for...