It’s your first time at the Australian Festival of Chamber Musicin Townsville. What attracted you to the festival?

I was very keen to work with [its Artistic Director, pianist] Kathy Stott, and I was very keen to work with the musicians that she had originally planned.

Johannes Moser Johannes Moser. Photo ©

Originally my friend, Henning Kraggerud was debating whether he should come and he’s a wonderful violinist. Interestingly enough, [some of] the musicians that were originally scheduled have since cancelled so I now have the pleasure of getting to know a lot of new people. I haven’t known Kathy for a long time. We have been in contact over email for probably a year and finally met face to face quite recently.

I see you and Kathy are playing together at the Sydney Opera House Utzon Room?

Absolutely. It’s nice to spend a longer stretch of time in Australia, it’s quite a long canoe to get there and so I’m very happy to be in Townsville and then to also play [Elgar’s Cello Concerto] with the Melbourne Symphony, and I go to ANAM. So it’s a nice little package of...