Can we start at the beginning? What was the first instrument you learned as a child?

The voice. I sang through school from six, until my voice changed, and then, when I was 14, I was a great fan of Elvis Presley. I played a little guitar, percussion, harmonica, everything, but then I discovered the cello. The cello was my first real instrument.

So how did you come to transition from that to the viola da gamba?

The transition was already there at the beginning. When I started cello I started to autodidact [I taught myself]. I went to a music shop in Barcelona, where I bought all the scores I found interesting, and many were transcriptions from viola da gamba music: Bach sonatas, [Marin] Marais’ Folies d’Espagne… There was a cello bibliotheque by Schott, with a lot of nice baroque things, so I started playing baroque music on the cello; but then I started studies in the Conservatorium where I played Brahms, Haydn, Dvořák, Schumann, Beethoven… After I finished, I was doing a summer course in Santiago de Compostela with the harpsichord player Rafael Puyana and at the end, Rafael says to me, “But Jordi, why do you play all this...