The Australian guitarist takes time out to discuss cross-platform collaboration, new art and her latest CD release.

Until the recent release of Karin Schaupp’s Mosaic, there were no albums of Australian guitar concertos. Schaupp’s latest CD features work by some of the nation’s most acclaimed composers and creates a uniquely Australian musical landscape. Indeed, with its patriotic contribution to the guitar catalogue, the release of Mosaicmarks an important occasion for the international music community.

As recipient of the Australia Council for the Arts Music Fellowship, Schaupp has had the opportunity to commit to a variety of projects to which she might not otherwise have been able to allocate time, energy or funds. As part of this, she collated Mosaic, an album that spans at least twenty years of her recorded output.

“I’m very excited that the ABC have put these concertos together, and that this disc has finally come to fruition,” Schaupp told Limelight. “There are amazing players, there are wonderful composers, and it’s all very accessible, beautiful music. I think it’s all easy to listen to and just gorgeous – these are all masterpieces.”

The album features the works of Ross Edwards, Philip Bračanin and Peter Sculthorpe. The titular...