The world is far from perfect right now but there is no shortage of artists prepared to try and make things a little better. In the case of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Principal Flute with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra Joshua Batty has stepped up to organise a concert raising money for much needed relief work. He’s no stranger to music in times of crisis, as Clive Paget discovered when he caught up with Batty to find out more.

What led you to decide to organise a concert to help raise funds for the war in Ukraine? And how did you decide where you would like the money to go?

It has been such a difficult few years worldwide, and now this war is unfolding. It is impossible to know how to really help or to comprehend the direct suffering people are experiencing, but we hope that we can raise much needed funds as well as offer some light and support in otherwise dark circumstances for all involved. I guess this is the main purpose of art, and having had a few years in a world without it (at the grace of COVID-19) we are raring to help.