Australia has such an exciting fine music and arts scene, but has never really had the website to cover it, which is why I’m so thrilled to be launching the Limelight site here at

This will be a hub for lovers of fine music, a place where you can get the latest news about musicians and music, the reviews of the most exciting new CDs and DVDs, interviews with touring artists – everything our readers are used to getting in the magazine, but in a fresh, constantly renewing format.

ABC Classic FM broadcasts are a big part of what we do at Limelight, and we’ve repackaged the ABC Classic FM listings to make them really user-friendly, so it’s easier to find out when the music you love is being broadcast.

Concertgoers will love our comprehensive Event Finder, which lists every classical music concert across Australia. So whether you live in Melbourne or Mount Isa, you’ll be able to find all the performances happening near you. We’ll also have the latest news on musicians, recordings and performance from Australia and overseas as it happens.

In our Reviews section, readers will be able to access all our authoritative CD, DVD and film review database, and enjoy audio and video samples of the works.

We’ve also got some terrific blogs from some of Australia’s most respected musicians, including Guy Noble and Brett Weymark, so readers can get fascinating insight into Australia’s music scene.

The Limelight website is going to be the new homepage for music and arts lovers: it’s a site that is not dumbed-down, is full of interesting words, sound and video, and is a true reflection of the country’s artistic and musical life.

We’d love to have our readers’ comments on how it can be improved. You can write your comments on the site, or send an email to

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If you like fine music and great performances, is your site.

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