Having scoured the programme, we’ve found five top shows, all with Festival-level pedigrees but at Fringe prices!

To many, opening a Fringe guide can be a daunting business! There are pages of events and a plethora of productions. All claim to offer a great evening of entertainment and most boast reviews and accolades to substantiate it all. And with so many superlatives being used so liberally, it’s hard to know what’s what and who’s really worth making the effort to see.

However, if you do make the effort to leaf or click through a programme, it can be time well spent. Amongst the many shows you may not dream (or dare) to see – there will be hidden gems. But, knowing how quickly time can disappear, we decided to tackle latest Fringe guide for you and offer up a few suggestions to help Limelightreaders’ fringe well in Melbourne.

Although the Melbourne affair is much smaller than its counterparts in Adelaide and Edinburgh, given it’s set in the heart of the arts capital of Australia, the artists it’s attracting to its hubs, tents and alleyways come with significant credibility and stature.

We discovered some great looking shows with enviable track records...