Following an 11-month hiatus from live performance, New York-based pianist Lisa Moore will perform music by Philip Glass at the Sydney Opera House’s Bennelong restaurant as part of the Bennelong Presents series. She spoke to Angus McPherson about how she’s reshaped her career during the pandemic, the joy of returning to live music, and the allure of Glass’s music.

Pianist Lisa Moore Pianist Lisa Moore. Photo © Hassan Malik

How does it feel to be returning to live performance after 11 months?

It feels quite different, quite altered, as though I’ve crossed over and entered a new place. I hope so anyway. Given that back in March the brakes screeched to an immediate halt for many of us, and especially in the arts, that sudden shift in momentum provided unexpected (and basically unwanted) time – lots of time to have to deal with – a kind of forced regrouping, forced reflection on the past. Some lovely ‘virtual’ reconnections with friends and family came about as a result and I’ve had some time to step back, and appreciate what I had...