Australia’s two most loveable film critics look back on 25 years of At The Moviesin a new exhibition.

An exhibition celebrating 25 years on television for Australia’s iconic film review duo, Margaret Pomeranz and David Stratton, has opened at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image in Melbourne.

The stars of ABC’s At The Movieshave formed a unique, enduring partnership based on witty banter and a tendency to disagree… Often vehemently. Their winning dynamic, on set and off, hinges on core differences in personality: Pomeranz bombastic and a touch bohemian; Stratton quietly analytical, “even anal”, as his co-host puts it.

In the early days of working with her longtime colleague, Pomeranz “wanted to rip his tie off, to get him to grow his hair and wear a ponytail,” she chortles. Stratton, meanwhile, admits he gets a kick out of “looking at all those clips and seeing how Margaret’s hair has changed over the years. It really has been quite remarkable.”

The pair’s collaboration began in the 1980s when Stratton was director of the Sydney Film Festival and Pomeranz was an SBS writer assigned to produce his introductions to the network’s Movie of the Week and Movie Classics segments. By...