Im Abendrot(At Sunset) is the latest recital disc from Matthias Goerne, a sublime program of dusky-tinted songs by Wagner, Strauss and the lesser- known Hans Pfitzner. In his five-star review, Limelightcritic Tony Way praised his Wesendonck Liederfor “resisting the temptation to overplay emotional aspects” and for “always allowing the projection of the text to be his primary objective.”

“Goerne infuses Pfitzner’s Lieder with magnificently multi-hued vocal colour, empathetically partnered by 27-year-old South Korean pianist, Seong-Jin Cho, who demonstrates a remarkable sensitivity that belies his age,” he continues, concluding with: “Don’t miss this superbly talented singer at the height of his powers.”

Earlier this month, Clive Paget caught up with the German baritone to find out how he came up with his program, why he sees nothing wrong in singing songs written for women and what makes a good piano partner.

Can I start by saying congratulations on winning our 2021 Vocal Recording of the Year?

Yeah, I am getting used to it [laughs]

Matthias Goerne & Seong-Jin Cho