Ahead of their 2016 concerts, Jonathan Bekes explains his tips to get ahead and his love affair with Jacqueline Du Pré.

Born Sydney, NSW, 1993
Studied Sydney Conservatorium, ANAM
LikesIce cream (cookies and cream is the best), chocolate, lemon tart
Dislikes Avocado, bananas, vacuuming

What first attracted you to the cello?

I originally leaned to play the piano with my mum. She taught me from the age of about four or five, but once I got to around the age of nine, I decided to give it up (I’m afraid to say that I didn’t like practising my scales). It was when I was in year 5 that my first cello teacher, Tristan Randell, came to my school and played some pieces for our assembly. I heard the sound of the cello and was captivated instantly. I went home that day and immediately said to my mum that I wanted to learn, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Who would you say are your past and current cello heroes?

I guess I can’t really go past Jacqueline du Pré and her famous recording of the Elgar Cello Concerto with Sir John Barbirolli and the London Symphony Orchestra. My parents bought me that CD when I first started to...