How and when did you get together with Lucy Price and Meredith Beardmore and decide to form The Muse’s Delight?

We met in 2016, over a shared love of folk and early music at the Boxwood Folk Festival. The Muses’ Delight was our flute player Meredith’s brainchild – she emailed Lucy (cello) and me (viola and occasional violin) early the next year and asked if we’d like to be in a group to explore some early classical-era repertoire! Lucy and I had studied at ANAM together and we both knew of each other’s interest in early music. We had been meaning to get together to play chamber music for a while, so it was the perfect opportunity for us to do that! We bonded over rehearsals, a startling number of cups of tea, and a debut concert in the beautiful Athenaeum Library with some of the few works written for our peculiar combination, and from there have branched out into baroque, early romantic, and folk music.

Lucy Price, Meredith Beardmore and Katie Yap. Photo supplied 

Why did you decide to focus on early music?

All three of us had a strong interest in early...