Joyce DiDonato speaks out against homophobic bullying in schools after American teenager commits suicide.

International mezzo-soprano Joyce DiDonato announced last week that she would be dedicating her performance in Rossini’s La donna del lago with the Santa Fe Opera in memory of Carlos Vigil who committed suicide after merciless bullying from school classmates.

Vigil, aged 17 from New Mexico, posted a suicide note on Twitter before taking his own life two weeks ago: “The kids in school are right, I am a loser, a freak and a fag. I’m sorry for not being a person that could make someone proud.”

Carlos’ father found his son unconscious at their home shortly after the message was posted online. The teenager was rushed to hospital but was unable to be revived.

DiDonato soon after posted her deep regret for Carlos and his family on her Facebook page: “Tonight I would like to ded­ic­ate my per­form­ance to the memory of Car­los Vigil,” she wrote. “I would also like to dedicate it to every single child who bullied him along the way, and those who stood by silently – may they witness the great loss of a precious human life and experience a radical change of heart,...