“This play has been sort of a fertility totem,” says Michelle Law. “I think we’ve had maybe four children in the process. We’ve joked about having a baby curtain call.”

The fertility totem in question is Single Asian Female , Law’s smash-hit debut play which premiered at La Boite in 2017 and then at Belvoir the following year. And the ‘we’ refers not to herself but to others involved in the production, specifically actor and new mother Alex Lee. It’s why I’m speaking to the playwright today, who is stepping in for Lee as Single Asian Femalereturns to La Boite.

Hsiao-Ling Tang, Michelle Law and Courtney Stewart. Photo © Daniel Boud 

“In the back of my head it was always a possibility that I could be in the play,” says Law. “But I was so busy with the writing of it and of making sure that everything was perfect that the idea of doing so, at least during the first couple of runs, was too stressful. I was too in my own head about the work to really consider it.”

Single Asian Femaleis a big-hearted comedy that packs a hell of a...