Takashi Niigaki composed his music for 20 years and says Mamoru Samuragochi isn’t even deaf.

Part-time music school teacher Takashi Niigaki has given a press conference in which he admitted to writing music for ‘deaf’ Japanese composer Mamoru Samuragochi for the last 18 years.

Niigaki claimed that he earned only $7 million yen during the perion in which he penned over 20 pieces, including Samuragochi’s greatest hit, the Symphony No 1 in memory of the victims of Hiroshima.

Speaking for nearly an hour Niigaki confessed his guilt saying, “I am an accomplice of Samuragochi because I continued composing just as he demanded, although I knew he was deceiving people.” Although he originally believed he was being hired to assist Samuragochi, the music teacher soon learned the truth. “Later I found out that he cannot even write musical scores,” he said.

Niigaki also claimed that he had tried to end the deception on more than one occasion. “I told him a few times that we should stop doing this, but he never gave in. Also he said he would commit suicide if I stop composing for him,” he said.

Samuragochi, who has been presumed to be deaf since 1995, described his handicap as...