I have always loved soft, gentle, soothing music. I’m not into head-banging music, I never have been.

Belinda Giblin Belinda Giblin

I don’t like heavy metal, rock, anything that’s loud and raucous. I absolutely have an allergy to it all and the reason for that is how I was introduced to music.

Growing up in the 50s and 60s, we didn’t have television so we would sit around the record player and listen. It wasn’t like we had it as background music. We sat in the lounge chairs at night as a family and listened. It was a heavy diet of Gilbert and Sullivan – I grew up knowing every lyric of every G & S – and opera, I must have listened to every opera as a child.

My father had the score for all the operas so we were encouraged to follow the score as we listened. I was learning piano at the time...